Walton-on-Thames Bridge Replacement



Value £1.8 Million
Duration 56 Weeks
Main Contractor Costain
Client Surry County Council

The bridge replaced the two extant bridges, which remained in use during construction. The new £32.4 million bridge has no piers in the river, thus opening up views along the river and improving navigation for boats.
The bridge, a tied arch bridge, provides the first single-span bridge heading up the Thames. The next single-span bridges up the Thames are a pair of co-functional "old and new" Runnymede Bridges between Surrey and Berkshire.

The 150m long steel composite bridge over the river Thames was constructed over the river allowing navigation at all times. The deck supported by two stainless steel arch springs was constructed using GRP panels and Paraslim modules.

The arch springs are supported by 4 hexagonal piers that were constructed using bespoke steel shutters. The reinforcement cages were prefabricated off site in Sian Formworks Yard were a innovative former was built to allow the precise fabrication of the cages. Bespoke steel chairs were also fitted to the cages along with the MacAlloy bars and grouting system. This meant that the cages once delivered to site could simply be craned into position thus eliminating all requirements for large amounts of temporary propping during construction.

Along with the main river crossing a 100m long 4 span RC viaduct was built across the marsh land crossing the river engine creating a natural wetland and park for the local community.